Happiness – a word we all love. I’m pretty sure the one thing everyone on this earth can agree on, is that we want to be happy. Well, I know one thing’s for sure; we can’t do it alone. It’s each other that keeps us alive, and connection that gives us a reason to be alive. Connection is the most important component to our happiness. Would you rather be all alone dancing to music, or with a small group of your closest friends jamming out together? Now don’t get me wrong – I love having some alone time, however we all NEED to be with others; it’s crucial for your happiness.

Happiness expert Shawn Achor says, “Happiness is a choice, but it’s not a personal choice, it’s an interconnected one.” He is basically saying that you do have the choice to be happy or not, but you can’t choose this alone – we choose happiness together. I love this idea because it gives me the sense that I’m not alone, we are all connected whether we like it or not. 

Think about what makes you happy. It might be getting an A on your math test, winning first place at your soccer game, or getting accepted to your first choice college. All of these are accomplishments, but happiness isn’t about winning, it’s about choosing. Now these accomplishments will definitely give you satisfaction and pleasure, however they are unlikely to create connection – the key to happiness. What WILL give you a crazy amount of joy is having close connections, feeling that you belong, and being around people who inspire you, and you can inspire them. Plus, you know what’s really great? Once you feel that you belong and you’re happier, your grades will become higher, you’ll play better in your sport, and you will have a much better chance of achieving your personal goals! 

It’s amazing how our connection to other humans can have such an impact on our lives, so go cuddle with someone you love, or grab lunch with a friend, because trust me – it’s worth it.

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