Think of the first few successful people that pop into your head. For me, let’s say – Oprah, Bill Gates, and Beyonce, but what makes these people successful in our minds? Our society defines being successful as “having achieved popularity, profit, or distinction” however, is this really how we should be defining success?

In the book The Third Door, author Alex Banayan redefines success with the cofounder of Apple, Steve Wosniak. Everyone knows the name Steve Jobs; the founder of Apple, but his partner Steve Wosniak played an equal part in the creation of Apple. Why do people regard Steve Jobs as more successful? Because he was wealthier? Because he was more popular? In the book, Wosniak says, “Society tells you that success is getting the most powerful position possible. But I asked myself: is that what would make me the happiest?… most people do things because that’s what society tells them they should do, I’m happy because I do what I want everyday.” So really who’s to say that Steve Jobs was more successful?

We have this idea in our heads that in order to be happy you need to be successful, but truly in order to be successful, you need to be happy. Success is when you feel fully content – it’s about who you are, not about what people want you to be.

 I like to define success with the three H’s: happiness, health, and hardwork. If we all work hard at something and live our happiest, healthiest lives – then we will all be successful, in our own different ways.

Let’s redefine success to be less superficial, and more about being real.


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